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Music (tune guitar)

== Pink Floyd ==
Money Cover - Farhatguitar.com - Good gor learning
Money Cover acoustic guitar. (Corey Heuvel)
Money Solo Guitar solo Lesson. (Bobby Crispy)
Money Lesson (JustinGuitar Songs) - more unneeded words, but start is good
Money Solo Lesson (luthdrix)
Money Lesson Tab Girl (mahalodotcom)

Time - have good tabs but is much unneeded words (clipe da aula)
Time - Completed song (clipe da aula)
Time - Cover cursedcrawloftime
Time - Cover. Girl and two boys barefoot
Time - Cover. Solo - Blue Guitar. ( Maurizio70 Gilmour Fan)
Time - Cover. (brodyworld)

Shine On You Crazy Diamond - Cover. Mark Eatough
Shine On You Crazy Diamond - Cover. Accords good Tabs
Shine on you crazy diamond -Pink Floyd (Full guitar cover)


The Pink Floyd Tribute Show (2011) Full- Live From Liverpool

== Eagles ==

Honel California - The eagles Best voice and there is text
Hotel California - The Eagles (1976 - record)
Eagles - Hotel California Live. At The Capital Centre, 1977

The Eagles-Hotel California (Live Melbourne 2005)
Hotel California acoustic -- BIM 2012
Hotel California
How to play guitar (samouchkanagitare.ru)
Hetel California Solo How to play. w/o unnecessary words. MusicOff
Hetel California Solo How to play. w/o unnecessary words. Tabs. RockerTheMetal
Hotel California Learn play solo 1/3
Hotel California Guitar Solo Lesson - Eagles (with tabs)
Hotel California Solo - Eagles - Fast and Slow (HD)
Best Cover (Danny,Scotty,Dad,Mov) GuitarHeroPhenom The Jack Report
Acustic guitar (Leandro Kasan)
Tab on page and solo on video
One playd more guitars
Japan boy - good cover - music only (Sangha Jang)
Sangha Jang 2010 (fucking blue cap)
Hotel California - Sungha Jung & Tomi Paldanius (live)
Hotel California the best improvisation! (NeoGeofanatic)

===== Songs =====

== Queen ==
The Show Must Go On - Who to play guitar
The Show Must Go On - прикольный урок (Roman Levingard)
She Show Must Go On - (Guiter Portal) - разбор
The Show Must Go On - (Guitarist kz) - Табы наложены на видео. The best.

== Caravan ==
Ventures Jaze band (black)
Ventures (color)

== Rising of the sun ==
Anna Cristine (America's Got Talants 8)
3 Japan Girls (3-th part from 5:05 minutes)
Learn how to play

== Солнечный остров ==
Машина времени
Wild life - Paul McCartney
Grand Funk Railroad - Heartbreaker

== Высоцкий. ==
А люди всё роптали и роптали

== Europe ==
The Final Countdown (official version)
The Final Countdown cover (NeoGeofanatic) best!
The Final Coutdown Guitar Cover (Sylphid63) Good

== Mc'Cartney ==
nineteen hundred and eighty five (paul mccartney and wings cover)
monkberry moon delight (paul and linda mccartney cover)
Club Helmbreker ft. Rilan Ramhane - Monkberry Moon Delight (Paul McCartney)
Beware My Love | Paul McCartney | Guitar Lesson

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